Total War: Three Kingdoms Announced - Total War Goes Dynasty Warriors This Fall


Total War: Three Kingdoms is pencilled in for an autumn 2018 release on PC.

"He is but a figurehead; a mere puppet for the tyrant warlord Dong Zhuo", reads the trailer's description on YouTube.

It's safe to say that the developers aren't aiming for historical accuracy with the game. The brutal and oppressive regime's power grows as the empire slips further into anarchy. Over the years, Creative Assembly has set the series in ancient Rome, Europe in the Middle Ages, feudal Japan and even Games Workshop's Warhammer fantasy universe. Will Creative Assembly be able to do something fresh with the setting with Total War: Three Kingdoms?

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Facing tyranny, the trio rally support from some of China's biggest families, who form a ragtag group of ancient freedom fighters to topple Dong Zhou's evil reign. In the meantime you can add Total War: Three Kingdoms to your wishlist by visiting the Steam store page. Alongside the core historical-based games, the Total War series has expanded to include free-to-play mobile (Total War Battles™: KINGDOM) and PC titles (Total War™: ARENA), now in development. In the 14 century, Luo Guanzhong wrote a historical novel based on the end of the Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history.

The cinematic trailer starts in bombastic fashion, featuring two minutes of visually dynamic portraits and a setup for the three kingdoms to clash. "The future of China will be shaped by their hands, but personal ambition threatens their already crumbling alliance".

Unfortunately, we don't really know much more about Three Kingdoms at this time. That said, a Total War game that focuses on just a few leaders and the legendary soldiers they control might be a nice change of pace.