Rigby & Peller: Queen's bra fitter loses royal warrant over tell-all book


Kenton officially retired and sold her stake in Rigby & Peller in 2011 but continued to do the Queen's fittings-her former company had been serving the Queen for 57 years.

She also discussed details regarding the Queen Mother's encounters with Princess Margaret and their disagreements on hats, quoting the Queen Mother as saying "I pretend to listen to Margaret and then, once she has gone, I order what I want".

The posh company which supplies lingerie to the British Monarch has lost its royal status following publication of a book revealing intimate details surrounding royal bra fittings.

Rigby & Peller said it was "deeply saddened" by the news but was "not able to elaborate further on the cancellation out of respect for her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Warrant Holders Association".

Currently, these companies are granted warrants for up to five years by either the Queen, Prince Philip, or Prince Charles.

Julie also details her meetings with Princess Diana, who would apparently also look for swimsuits from an Israeli designer and took home posters of swimwear models for Prince William and Prince Harry.

It previously held a royal warrant, which allows companies to display the royal coat of arms on their products and identifies them as a supplier to the monarchy.

A spokesperson for Ms Kenton told i she "did not think that writing her memoirs would cause such a problem as it is only her life story which she wanted to get down on paper". She even sent Buckingham Palace a copy when the book was published previous year.

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June Fenton wrote in A Storm in a D Cup how the corgis were present at fittings where the Queen was half dressed. "That's naughty", Mrs Kenton said.

"In respect of Royal warrants, we never comment on individual companies", the statement said.

"We never, ever have discussions of what we see in the fitting room", Ms Kenton said.

Russell Tanguay, director of warrants at the Royal Warrant Holders Association, recently confirmed that the Knightsbridge-based retailer had lost its warrant. "I just think the world of them".

"I have never, ever spoken about what I do there with her, or the Queen Mother or Princess Margaret", she added."I've been honorable throughout my life - it's unbelievable they don't like the book, there's nothing in it that they could remotely be upset about", Mrs Kenton added.

Kenton and her husband bought the business in 1982 for £20,000.

Rigby & Peller has nine boutiques across the United Kingdom including locations in Mayfair, Chelsea, and its flagship store in Knightsbridge.