Indian National Congress President Rahul Gandhi to visit Singapore, Canada


Addressing Non Resident Indians at a meeting of Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) at Manama in Bahrain on Monday, Gandhi blamed the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance government for dividing people on the basis of caste and religion and alleged that it was converting the anger of jobless youth into hatred between communities.

He said this during an interactive session with the Indian diaspora in Bahrain. The grand old party stands exposed today. "We discussed a variety of issues of interest to India and Bahrain", Gandhi said in a tweet. It landed a crippling blow to India's overall economic growth.

Underlining India was the second-most populous country with 30,000 new youngsters coming daily into India's job market, he said that not providing education and jobs to these youngsters was "a recipe for disaster".

"It is impossible to build a global vision for India in the 21st century without our brothers and sisters who live abroad", he added. Central priority for govt is creation of jobs. The youth are asking a very simple question, what are we going to do in future. Gandhi said job creation is at an eight year low and instead of focusing on removal of poverty, job creating and world class education system, there has been a rise in forces of hate and division.

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"Journalists are shot dead, Dalits are beaten, minorities are lynched, judges presiding over important cases die under mysterious circumstances", said Rahul. The ruling party said he can not see the work done by the government in India and was instead spreading hatred while on foreign soil. "And through all this, the government has nothing to say".

Rahul's father and then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had committed a "sin" by passing a law under pressure from Muslim bodies to negate a Supreme Court order to provide alimony to Shah Bano after her husband divorced her, he said.

"Together, we must steer India back to its original strengths, we need to make India the centrepiece of ahimsa, of non-violence, of compassion". "And we can not do that at home without our largest skill base on the planet - all you people in this room", he said.

He told the audience that "there is a serious problem at home" adding that the NRI community were 'a part of the solution'.