Everything You Need To Know From Today's Nintendo Direct Mini


Dark Souls Remastered (May 25) - The most mysterious announcement by far was Dark Souls Remastered.

After releasing on the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, and Xbox One, this co-operative multiplayer shooter graces the Nintendo Switch. Pokken Tournament will receive the Deluxe Battle Pack DLC. Wave one (January 31) will include new contender Aegislash and supports Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu. Wave 2 includes the new Battle Pokémon Blastoise and a new Support Pokémon Set featuring Mew and Celebi. It will be available for purchase individually, or as part of the Season Pass or Gold Edition of the game.

The debut of everyone's favourite pink blob sees new abilities that let you cast spider webs, hurl hearts at enemies to have them join your team, and up to four friends can join in for this epic adventure. Better yet, you can mix and match friend abilities to perform ultra new combos. Nintendo also provided an official release date: March 16. Be sure to give the demo a shot if you're a Switch owner, and stay tuned for more news on the game as it becomes available as we inch closer to its March launch. You will need to strategically switch between two characters while using a variety of items to whittle down your foe's HP.

The Nintendo/Koei Tecmo title wasn't unbelievable by any stretch, but the Wii U and 3DS certainly catered to hardcore fans of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors. Updates will come with time, but you can find it in Spring 2018.

However, some of you might have missed all the Nintendo Switch announcements made by Nintendo at Nintendo Direct Moni 2018, so we will be listing all the games that were announced for Switch at the event so that you can keep track of them.

Iran nuclear deal: United Kingdom challenges USA to find better alternative
He accused Iran of committing "multiple violations" and promised to work with Congress to "address the deal's many serious flaws". Iran has said that if the United States walks away from the agreement, it is ready to give an "appropriate and heavy response".

Sam's Club abruptly and permanently closes 53 stores
Sander and two city officials who were notified of the decision Thursday confirmed that the store will close January 26. The Sam's Club near Jamestown in West Ellicott is on the company's list of stores scheduled to close this month.

India all set to launch its 100th satellite
The total weight of the satellites carried onboard the PSLV-C40 is close to 1,323 kg. The four stage PSLV-C40 stood 44.4 metres tall and weighed about 320 tonne.

Ys VIII, the latest game in the long-running action RPG series is coming to the Switch this Summer. It not now known how long she will be exclusive to the Switch version of the game.

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo announced an upcoming update for Super Mario Odyssey that will allow players to play as Luigi once players have ended the story.

On top of the new story mode which will include missions and boss battles, there are some new wrinkles to the tennis gameplay. The update is coming in February.

SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy will only feature female fighters from SNK's number of fighting games.

Mario + Rabbids DLC (Spring 2018) - Early Switch hit Mario + Rabbids is getting some welcome DLC, adding Donkey Kong as a character. The DLC will be available this Spring.