Costo gives refund on dead Christmas tree in January


California Woman Returns Christmas Tree For A Refund She showed up at Costco and demanded a full refund because her tree was dead.

Scott Bentley, a shopper who was behind the woman in line, posted a photo of the transaction on his Facebook page.

Costco is known for its generous returns policies - with basically any item able to be refunded at any time except electronics, which have a 90 day limit. "I saw the whole thing go down with my own two eyes about 30 minutes ago".

Used Christmas trees are often left on curbs for waste collectors after the holidays, but a woman in Santa Clarita, Calif., brought hers back to Costco for a refund, "because it was dead".

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However, one woman in California caught a break when she tried to return her tree to a Costco in suburban Los Angeles.

He shared the photo on Facebook, writing: "I can't make this stuff up".

A man waiting in line behind the woman snapped a picture of the ordeal and was in disbelief.

People present at the store were shocked as one of them wrote on social media about the lack of moral values of the woman.