Marvel creator Stan Lee accused of groping care nurses


Comic book icon Stan Lee has been accused of groping and sexually harassing nurses that cared for him at his home on a 24-hour basis.

Lee is being accused of asking for oral sex from his nurses.

A spokesman for the nursing company confirmed staff had complained to the owner about Lee. "Lee based on false allegations, but when we have asked them to identify themselves and provide their full legal names and contact information, they have, not surprisingly, gone radio silent", the statement said.

The Daily Mail has published accusations from unnamed sources claiming that comics giant Stan Lee sexually assaulted and harassed a number of nurses working in his home.

But the lawyer has now said that Stan Lee "categorically denies" the allegations, claiming that they're "false and despicable". This is because they have not filed civil action or a police report against Stan but repeatedly asked for money.

"Mr Lee will not be extorted or blackmailed, and will pay no money to anyone because he has done absolutely nothing wrong", attorney Tom Lallas said.

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For help, advice or more information regarding sexual harassment, assault and rape in the United Kingdom, visit the Rape Crisis charity website. "Stan is being taken advantage of". At 95-years-old, Lee is already too old to have to deal with such trouble; not to mention that he had just lost his wife Joan Lee in July of last year. The couple had one daughter, J.C. Lee. Previous year in February, Marvel promised to move away from SJW propaganda in their comics, but the process has been long and drawn out in doing so. Lee and had nothing but good things to say about the comic book creator. He is often seen in photo shoots alongside Lee.

The boy went to school with his arm in a sling which raised the alarm with teachers. It's important to remember that in many cases of abuse, survivors do not feel comfortable coming forward about the events they experienced for a plethora of reasons.

It's worth pointing out that Stan Lee is 95 years old, and while age doesn't excuse behavior like this, it's fair to wonder if the allegations are indeed true, if Lee is even in his right mind at this point.

The cheque in question was made out to Hands Of Respect LLC which according to the gossip site is "a merchandising company".

Then on Thursday it emerged that someone also used the comic book legend's money to buy a condo.