LG's 65-Inch OLED TV Can Be Rolled Up, Hidden Away


The new LG Display is the world's first 65-inch rollable OLED display.

There is no word at the moment when the 65-inch rollable display will be released or how much it will cost. Imagine rolling up to a LAN or a friends house with your 65-inch TV rolled up under your arm. Thanks to OLED technology's unique ability to turn each pixel on or completely off, LG OLED displays bring colors to life like never before while creating an infinite contrast.

OLED, or organic light-emitting diodes, works by putting electricity through certain materials that glow red, green and blue. The experience was enhanced by Dolby Atmos audio, found in LG's consumer OLED displays. The prototype is being developed under the LG Display banner, and is an evolution of the 18in set unveiled by the same company a few years ago.

CES 2018 is going to be opening doors the following week and on the other edge, LG has already announced its brand new 88-inch 8K TV just before this significant technology exhibit.

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LG OLED technology uses self-lighting pixels for exact control of image brightness and image quality, and with no separate light source the displays are extremely lightweight, thin and flexible.

LG OLED technology has created a new high-end category of displays that delivers an awe-inspiring picture with flawless blacks and incredible color, even from wide viewing angles, unlike any LCD and LED display. By converging new functions such as sound and touch while expanding the IPS technology to more ultra-large and super-high resolution products, LG Display will continue to lead the premium market. But with curved TVs failing to strike a chord with consumers and existing models making their way to the equivalent of the bargain bin, LG has come up with something a bit more appealing.

LG's AI OLED TVs will have Google Assistant so users can control them with voice commands. LG ThinQ AI televisions become the hub for all of your connected smart devices. LG offered that this year at its booth with its OLED Canyon. Higher end OLED models will be powered by LG's α (Alpha) 9 processor that the company claims will deliver more accurate color from a wide range of angles.