Benue Killings: Ortom Supports Military Option


He also said it is sad that Ortom "never" approached him to call his attention to the issue.

He said: "So, when it gets to the level of militia killing security men who are armed and are trained to protect lives and property is it not taking a risky dimension?"

'The Aerial Surveillance by Police Helicopters will continue, while the Police Mobile Force Personnel, Police Special Forces and conventional Police Personnel, the Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU), Police Explosive Ordinance Department (EOD) and Special Police Joint Intelligence and Investigation Teams already deployed to Benue State will carry on un-relentlessly with the patrols and crime prevention activities in the affected areas to sustain the normalcy that have been restored in the State. "Who is now safe?", Ortom asked. "We have taken him to the hospital, we are treating him, the other one that was declared missing was found today".

Terve Akase, chief press secretary to the governor of Benue state, attributed 71 deaths from December 31 to January 6 to killings by the Fulani.

"And they are known, we know where they are". And when they did a press conference in Abuja in June, I immediately petitioned against them that these people should be arrested by the security agencies. It is unfortunate, and I think things need to be done because impunity should not be allowed to thrive in Nigeria. It is hard to say (what makes the arrest difficult) since I am not a security agent and I am not a professional in that area, but I am told it is a process that will continue.

"The truth is that I have access to Mr. President anytime I want, I speak to him on phone and I see him personally".

"Any policy or any directive, anything that will help stop the killing of these innocent people who are not armed will go because this can not continue".

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"We are struggling with economic issues, we are struggling with political issues, we are struggling with several other issues in this country, security issues and all that".

"MASSOB is therefore, calling on indigenes of Benue state to rise up and defend their God given land".

The statement also revealed that Mr. Buhari had been advised to challenge the constitutionality of the anti-open grazing law passed by Benue and Ekiti States, "a suggestion he rejected".

"The law seeks to protect all". He said he can only support it when he understands what that means.

To me, he is completely confused and don't know what to do about it.

"And it is not just practiced in other parts of the world; on African soil, in Swaziland, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, nearly all African countries that rear cattle they ranch". When I came in (as governor) I disarmed the youths who were armed.

"So, it is free for everybody and that is the right way to go and since we started implementation there has been relative peace among farmers and herdsmen".