Was Tupac's Murder Weapon Found?


The handgun used to kill Tupac Shakur turned up in a Compton backyard nearly two decades ago.

TMZ reports that this new intel is thanks for info found by the producers of the forthcoming A&E series docu-series Who Killed Tupac?

The gun is described as a.40 caliber Glock, which was turned over to Compton police after a citizen discovered it in his yard.

When the L.A. County Sheriff's Department took over law enforcement of Compton in 2000, it confiscated 3,800 firearms - including the Tupac murder weapon - and transferred it to the LASD. At the time, Brennan was working to uncover the death of Pac's rap nemesis Notorious B.I.G., whose murder was tightly connected to Pac's amid their vicious rap beef, and had been going through documents from Pac's case.

The most practical theory revolving around Tupac's murder is that he was shot by Crips after punching Orlando Anderson in the MGM grand after a Mike Tyson fight. After ordering ballistic testing, the results were a match for the firearm used to kill Tupac.

So, while the gun was never turned over to the Las Vegas Police Department, the question remains: what happened to the Glock? According to A&E, the authorities aren't copping (no pun) to where it is.

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Civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump told Tupac's brother the news of the discovery, and he was in total shock.

The documentary makers received mixed messages from Los Angeles Police, with some officers saying the gun never reached then and others stating they were unsure.

Reggie Wright Jnr, who has been always been linked to claims he was involved in the shooting of Tupac, laughed off the claims he had anything to do with it.

Further deepening the mystery surrounding Tupac's death, his murder weapon has allegedly been found - and lost again.

All that being said - Vegas cops can't recall ever taking custody of the handgun and, as we know, no one's ever been charged in Tupac's death.