Microsoft's rumored foldable Surface may have just appeared in a new patent


The patent details several methods Microsoft are looking into for keeping a continuous display running across two OLED panels, for each half of the folding screen, in addition to references to a "Surlink" connector, which could be the Surface connector, and a method for including a USB-C port. However, this new patent filing nowhere shows a stylus with the device.

Microsoft has always been rumored to work on a Surface Phone, but so far, we have no official words on it.

From the image above it's obvious that the device in question here has two separate screens which are connected to each other by the said "self-regulating hinge", thus allowing for the device to be folded flat.

A new design patent surfaced at the USPTO: a 2-in-1 device with a self-regulating hinge.

Granted, the patent mostly focuses on the hinge mechanism rather than a complete, full-fledged device per se, but given that this is supposed to be Microsoft's vision of a mobile future - with, reportedly, phone capabilities - an eventual final product might still make use of pens an integral part of the experience. The images also show how the mysterious device could flip over and be used as a nightstand.

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The bezel between the two surfaces/displays notably seems incredibly tiny, nearly non-existent, which could allow for an incredible viewing experience.

Microsoft is still believed to be working on its foldable mobile device, and the final product won't likely show up before the end of next year or early 2019.

The latest patent gives no information on the software side. According to a report published today, the device will run a special Windows 10 version codenamed Andromeda. And regardless of the mode that the tablet is in, Windows 10 will make the proper adjustment using CShell, Microsoft's new Windows Shell. Could this be the foldable Surface that has been rumored throughout the year? Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see who will be the first to come up with a foldable device - Microsoft or Samsung.

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