It's easier than ever to take a break from annoying Facebook friends


"We've heard from people that they want more options to determine what they see in News Feed and when they see it", Facebook said in a statement released today.

Maybe that type of permanent ignorance is what you crave for your bliss, but it's often easy to forget you've muted a person for months when you only meant to mute them while they're releasing status updates for every single play of the World Series. The feature will notify users when the 30 days are almost up, allowing them to either extend the Snooze or let it expire. Now, it's a simple one-tap decision - do you want to mute your pal Peter for 30 days... or not?

Facebook is slowly rolling out the Snooze feature and it may take a few days for people to see it in their news feeds.

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The flip side of Facebook's toolset for deep personalization, including now Snooze, are these ongoing concerns that Facebook's social network can become overly comfortable for people. This feature is launching today on Facebook (I'm already seeing the Snooze option myself), so go find some annoying posts to silence. However, users who Snooze someone or something will get a notification when that Snooze period is about to end. However, not many people seem to know these features exist. Facebook writes, "We've made several changes to News Feed to provide more opportunities for meaningful interactions and reduce passive consumption of low-quality content - even if it decreases some of our engagement metrics in the short term".

A spokesperson proposed scenarios for the Snooze feature, such as students Snoozing distracting Pages during finals week, vacationers Snoozing active groups, or by those with poor impulse control Snoozing brand pages during their holiday deals.