Quentin Tarantino wants his Star Trek movie to be rated R


A story broke earlier this week which surprised us all - Quentin Tarantino could be making a Star Trek movie. Abrams, who sparked to the pitch and quickly made this official.

The screenwriting candidates are Mark L. Smith (The Revenant), Lindsey Beer (an up and coming writer with number of summer action movies for 2018), and Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3). He has one condition for it. Abrams liked it, Paramount seems to like it, and Tarantino has now presented it to a writers' room of scribes, and they seem to like it too. Deadline's report doesn't indicate whether or not Tarantino's idea leaned more toward a soft or hard R-rating, but it could just mean something similar in tone and mood to what Star Trek: Discovery did, rather than something involving blood-caked Starfleet Officers flinging salty language like photon torpedoes off the port bow.

According to a new Deadline Hollywood report, the Hateful Eight and Pulp Fiction filmmaker's proposed Star Trek movie is meant to be rated R, which would mark a first for the Paramount Pictures franchise and a rarity in the realm of big-budget tentpole movies. We assume that Tarantino's idea must have been one they couldn't refuse.

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The Star Trek franchise has been overshadowed by Star Wars recently, but Paramount Pictures is determined to make the franchise a hit. Would Quentin Tarantino really go out directing a blockbuster written by someone other than himself?

Regardless, this whole thing is kind of insane and it's moving really fast. Smith is reportedly the front-runner for the job of penning the first draft of what would be the next Star Trek movie. As much as JJ Abrams did his best to directly copy the successful beats of Star Trek movies and TV episodes of years past, he's never really proven to have a solid understanding of the characters that make the original series so special.