Overwatch Winter Wonderland Goes on a 5v1 Yeti Hunt


One such game is Overwatch, which will host its Winter Wonderland event for the second year in the row beginning next week.

The Overwatch Winter Wonderland event release date is December 12. "I was absolutely blown away when I saw the work that they had done and we really hope that you enjoy that".

To celebrate Christmas, Overwatch Winter Wonderland returns. Kaplan confirmed a "long-awaited Hanzo skin" as well as a skin for both Junkrat and Roadhog, leaving players to speculate on the rest.

Additionally, this year's Winter Wonderland will feature a number of appropriately festive map makeovers. Another new mode will also be added called Yeti Hunt, where a team of five Meis lead the charge against an ultra-powerful Yeti Winston and must hunt him down before he becomes unstoppable.

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Aside from cosmetics, Mei's Snowball Offensive will also return from a year ago, which pits two teams of Meis against each other in a snowball fight-style conflict. However, the Black Forest map will also be decked up for the holiday season as well. Essentially, it boils down to 5 Mei players taking on resident big lad Winston, who also happens to be player controlled.

Once enough meat has been devoured, Winston's Primal Rage mode will activate and the tables will turn. They can use their Ice Walls. When the game begins, the Meis must attempt to hunt down and eliminate Winston, while he does he best to avoid detection and snaffle up as many meat power-ups as he can. And yes, Kaplan understands how ridiculous that sounds.

Winter Wonderland will be available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 when it launches next Tuesday, and the full line-up of 2017 seasonal skins will likely be revealed soon.