Losing weight can reverse diabetes without drugs


"Our findings suggest that even if you have had type 2 diabetes for 6 years, putting the disease into remission is feasible", co-author Michael Lean said in a statement.

To do so, they examined 149 individuals who'd been living with Type 2 diabetes for up to six years.

Nearly half of the participants in a weight-loss programme that used low-calorie shakes and soups were in remission after 12 months, despite some having had type 2 diabetes for six years.

Half received standard care from their GP, while the other half received a structured weight management programme.

Nearly a quarter of the 149 patients in the weight management group achieved weight loss of 15 kg or more at 12 months, sufficient to achieve remission of diabetes in 90% of cases - defined as HbA1c 48mmol/mol.

Participant Isobel Murray, 65, from North Ayrshire, lost more than 22kg and no longer needs diabetes medication.

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A clinical trial has shown a reversal of type 2 diabetes is possible by following an extremely low-calorie diet.

The diet was no more than 850 calories a day made up of four shakes or soups for three to five months, followed by slow reintroduction of food over two to eight weeks.

A new study discovered that weight loss really can cure diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes may not have to last forever.

Researchers hope their results will prompt doctors and patients to treat diabetes by putting long-term weight loss methods at the forefront.

"Rather than addressing the root cause, management guidelines for Type 2 diabetes focus on reducing blood sugar levels through drug treatments". He said: 'Many GPs will be able to think of personal examples where a patient with type 2 diabetes gets hold of their lifestyle by the scruff of the neck and manages to reverse their disease, so it is pleasing to see that this may be practical on a larger scale.