Overpowered New Gun Dominates Destiny 2 PvP


Before the Curse of Osiris DLC, players were able to do the prestige Raid (hard mode raid), Nightfall (end-game strike with modifiers) and Trials (end-game PvP) on a weekly basis for rewards. It adds new challenges and raises the player level and power level cap for characters, but at the same time, the raised levels have now locked vanilla players out of content they could once access.

One video in particular that's been making the rounds online (from YouTube user SuperBrunch) highlights the weapon's over-effectiveness as the player takes down 6 players in just 30 seconds using Prometheus Lens. That means that the Destiny 2 Platinum trophy is now unobtainable without the expansion. Destiny 2 features two levels for identifying player progress in the game.

In addition, the heroic strike playlist, a random playlist of firestrikes previously present in the original Destiny, is only accessible to owners of the Curse of Osiris DLC.

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While it's understandable that endgame activities will shift with the living game and require the latest expansion, it's up to the developer to maintain a balance if they are going to split the playerbase with paid additional content.

Destiny 2's newest Exotic weapons, the Prometheus Lens, is super-duper broken and overpowered and Bungie's already aware of it, the developer confirmed.