New Research Says Cheese Is A Health Food (Really!)


The publication reported on 15 studies with more than 200,000 participants and showed that the risk of someone suffering from heart disease or a stroke was significantly less than someone who rarely, or never ate cheese. People with the greatest health benefits from cheese ate around 40 grams per day, which is the size of a matchbook.

The link between cheese and lowered heart disease risks might be because people who eat cheese every day are already healthier, or have enough income to afford the habit, the researchers point out.

However, the relationship between consuming cheese and having lower chances of heart disease was U-shaped instead of linear, the researchers discovered, which means that higher consumption of cheese doesn't mean even lower risk of developing heart disease.

I'm also not going to rule out the possibility that it is Time's personal crusade to legitimize cheese as a health food, and, failing that, to sell it to their readers at all costs.

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"If you [eat] too much cheese, of course cheese contains a lot of sodium, not just fat", she said. Researchers didn't specify whether one type of cheese was better than the rest. More isn't necessarily better, though.

The new study, however, suggests that this popular dairy product could have the opposite effect on cardiovascular health. Some cheeses can be quite high and our total daily intake should be less than 1500 mg. "The key takeaway from this study is an important one: Cheese, as a part of a veggie-heavy, plant-based diet can be as beneficial as it is delicious", she says."All foods can fit as a part of a balanced meal plan".

More importantly, the nutritional content of cheese still has its own pros and cons. These fats can cause high cholesterol and a higher risk of heart disease if consumed in large quantities.

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommend that around of our daily should come from saturated fats, and to switch to low-fat dairy products to help stay within this limit.