Lake effect snow arriving Tuesday night


As such, our forecast is pretty benign this morning with very few changes, only a few tweaks on timing.

A lake effect snow warning kicks in at 7 p.m. for Jefferson and Lewis counties. We're expecting one more above average day Tuesday before a blast of cold weather returns for the remainder of the week. In addition, we do see clouds and a little moisture setting up in far southern OH, south of USA 50, and that can bring some minor snows as well.

Some clearing is expected tonight and a shift in the wind should shut off the Lake Effect Snow.

First, a fast-moving area of low pressure could graze parts of the East Coast with light snow late this week. This can bring scattered snow showers to a good chunk of the state...perhaps up to 60% coverage. This is not a big snow accumulation event, but the chances of snow look better.

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There is of course some chance the entire period of cold passes with very little or no measurable snowfall. Southwest winds behind the cold front blowing across Lake Superior will focus the heaviest snowfall on the Keweenaw Peninsula.

Bands of heavy lake-effect snow are likely to develop by Wednesday morning downwind of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario in western NY. The pattern is not in place to consolidate this into an extremely organized and deep low-pressure system, so it's not likely to become a large winter storm.

It is interesting to note that we have not had a lot of snow Christmas Day alone. Then a strong cold front sweeps in from the west and northwest around the 18 and has nice moisture flow up the front from the south. But...we will see how the system progresses.

Snow squalls will weaken this evening.