Christmas tree prices spiking statewide amid holiday shortage


Splash of Color Christmas Tree Lot owner Al Haseman shows Gabriella Jensen, 4, of DeKalb a 7-foot tall balsam fir tree.

But in Minnesota, the Christmas tree business has been more stable in part because growers produce enough for the state's loyal group of customers who want real rather than artificial trees.

The tree shortage is an aftershock of the Great Recession, industry experts say. We replaced it with a much smaller tree that no one has confused with being real and can be put up in a matter of minutes.

Irvine's Tanaka Farms sells a variety of trees in different price ranges. But, Christmas tree farms intentionally grow trees to be cut, and replant trees to replace cut ones.

So if you're particularly susceptible to breathing issues, not to be all Scrooge over here but it might be more sensible to get yourself a fake tree.

Because of a limited supply of trees and a greater demand, the average price of a tree has gone up about ten percent in comparison to previous year.

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Boring said the business has been going so well that in the last few years they have expanded to pumpkins and corn mazes.

Unseasonably nice weather brought bigger crowds out earlier to some tree farms, said Will Almendinger, whose family operates the Rum River Tree Farm in Oak Grove and Hampton Hills farm near Cannon Falls. By keeping your tree watered with ProLong you will find the tree will retain their needles longer in the dry heat of your winter home.

These are a just few tips to help you keep that lovely Christmas Tree through the new year. Initially the tree may drink a gallon or more of water a day before slowly decreasing its use.

The 6m (20ft) tree grown by Robert Morgan, from Three Crosses, won the competition from 200 produced by fellow growers to secure the coveted spot at Number 10.

'Tis the season to be jolly, but according to doctors 'tis also the season to get sick thanks to your Christmas tree.

"I think it's a sticker shock for lots of customers", Tom Van Der Pauw, owner of Triple Tree Nurseryland in Maple Ridge, said. It is just that they have never been interested in putting them up or driving around town looking at other people's decorations. "It'll be a very thin, sparse tree". Many farmers are retiring and their children aren't always interested in continuing the family business, Hundley said.