Flat-Earther to Launch Himself in Homemade Steam Rocket Saturday


By November, the AP reported, his $20,000 rocket had a fancy coat of Rust-Oleum paint and "RESEARCH FLAT EARTH" inscribed on the side.

According to a report from the Associated Press, Hughes plans to launch and ride the homemade rocket he built on Saturday over a ghost town called Amboy in California.

Hughes also announced that after he definitely survives launching himself into the sky, he plans to run for governor of California.

61-year-old "Mad" Mike Hughes is all set to launch himself aboard his self-built steam-powered rocket.

If you are anxious for Hughes, you aren't alone. "But none of us are getting out of this world alive". "I like to do extraordinary things that no one else can do", Hughes added. "I researched it for several months", Hughes said in a Web show back in June.

Flat Earth theory proposes that the Earth is not spherical-a theory that has been widely accepted since it was proposed by ancient Greek philosophers over 2,000 years ago-and disregards or casts doubt on photographic evidence to the contrary. Incidentally, Hughes has no formal engineering or rocket training and believes that the Earth is flat. But that is not science that is just a formula. Hughes does not "believe in science", which he told the AP has "no difference" from science fiction.

See Hughes' last rocket launch from January 30, 2014. He hadn't banked on the effect of G-forces and collapsed after landing and took three days to recover.

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If Hughes sounds a lot like the '80s staple Evel Knievel, don't mention that to him. He's not a fan.

Hughes constructed the rocket at a five-acre property he leases and calls Rocket Ranch in Apple Valley, California.

For the record, Hughes is not an engineer or scientist.

"Nothing is out of reach", Stakes said. "You just have to put enough money, time and thought into it". A previous launch attempt with an earlier, less-powerful rocket design is embedded below (the parachute design is quite... interesting). "I want to inspire others - and you have to do something incredible to get anybody's attention", Hughes is reported as saying. Interestingly, the city of Amboy is said to be what the city of Radiator Springs in the movie "Cars" is loosely based on. The town of Amboy belongs to Albert Okura, who bought it in 2005 for $435,000; he is also the founder of a chicken restaurant chain. The launch will take place on an air strip next to a dilapidated hangar. Actually, I'm fairly certain that's mostly what he's in it for. He says he'll travel up until about 1,800 feet and a maximum speed of 500 miles per hour, and then two parachutes will deploy that will bring him floating gently back to earth.

He is expected to blast off between 2pm and 3pm ET (7pm-8pm GMT), with the event to be televised on his YouTube channel. He said he's been in contact with the Federal Aviation Administration and the Bureau of Land Management. He also added that Space X owner Elon Musk is making fake rockets from blimps. He and Stakes have already brainstormed on a missile, which is a rocket that, preferably than being instantly ignited while on the ground, is carried into the atmosphere by a gas-filled balloon, then separated from the balloon and lit.

Only in Hughes' variation on the theme, he's taking a rocket there.

First things first - this jump over a ghost town.