Man Punches Subway Rider After She Complains About His Manspreading


The victim, Sam Saia, said she was riding the N train through Bensonhurst while on her way to work in Manhattan when the man sat down and started overcrowding her around 7:45 a.m.

Speaking of the arrest, Miss Saia said: "This is fantastic news and I'm relieved that he is unable to harm anyone else or retaliate against me".

Sam Saia posted the video taken by another rider to her Facebook page Thursday night.

The man called her vulgar names after she asked him for more room, she wrote. I've raped white b-- like you, f-- c--! "You ain't nothing, you f-ing b-ch!'"

She put her headphones in and told the man to relax. Later, Saia shared a video that another subway passenger, named as Anthony Macca, filmed showing the man confronting her assaulter. Conde explained how he chose to step in after witnessing the man punching Saia and seeing nobody come to her aid. He identifies himself as an off-duty police officer. He grabbed the attacker by the wrist and told him to get off the train.

"Get the f-k off the train". Get off the train bro, you just f***ing hit a lady'.

Saia told the New York Daily News that she went to report the assault to the 17th Precinct station but they told her to go to the Transit District 34 in Brooklyn, who told her she could report the incident at any station.

'Manspreading' commuter punched woman in the face after she asked him for space

"The internet can be a handsome thing!" she said.

After she struggled to file her report in the right precinct, Saia chose to take the matter public through social media.

That infuriated Saia, and she made a decision to "blow this up on social media", she told the Daily News.

Speaking about the incident to Daily News, Ms Saia: 'This took me by surprise. I want my neighborhood to be safe. Someone got it on video, and caught when he'd pulled the scarf down.

With several other commuters jumping into the conflict, the manspreader was then inspired to apologize to Saia, to which she says, "I'm bleeding, you asshole".

But the man then socked her in the mouth, bloodying her lip and knocking her head into the wall behind her, she said.

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