Stove Top creates special stretchy trousers for Thanksgiving


Look, I love stuffing-love it.

Instead, they want you to enjoy more food with their new "Thanksgiving Dinner Pants".

Stove Top, a popular stuffing brand by Kraft, is selling "Thanksgiving Dinner Pants" to make Thanksgiving dinner a more comfortable experience. Stove Top Stuffing has designed fashionable unisex pants-with an elastic waistband.

They even include XXL stuffing print pockets for a place to stash leftovers.

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The trousers come in sizes small to extra-large and are available while supplies last, according to their own website.

As much as this disgusting iteration on the Christmas ugly sweater stretches my stuffing love to its limit, Stove Top's heart is in the right place.

Stove Top is donating $10,000 of the proceeds to the Feeding America charity.

That certainly takes the edge off the inevitable tryptophan fever dreams about bad fashion decisions.