Hannity's Ultimatum to Moore


Sean Hannity has given Alabama senate nominee Roy Moore 24 hours to clear his name, or else. "You must immediately and fully come up with a satisfactory explanation for your inconsistencies that I just showed", Hannity said, talking about Moore's hedging on Hannity's radio show Friday, and his apparent signature in the yearbook. "You must remove any doubt", Hannity said. "If you can't do this, then Judge Moore needs to get out of this race".

Keurig announced Saturday it had pulled advertising from "Hannity" after several Twitter users questioned the host's coverage of the allegations against Moore.

When asked by a Banker & Tradesman reporter on Twitter why Realtor.com deleted the tweet announcing it would pull ads from Hannity's show and how it would explain the move to its members, almost two-thirds of whom are women, a spokesperson for Realtor.com replied with a link to the company's full official statement.

FILE - In this March 18, 2016 file photo, Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity speaks during a campaign rally for Republican presidential candidate, Sen.

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Top Republican lawmakers, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) have already said Moore should leave the race due to the seriousness of the allegations against him and what they deem his inadequate responses. When asked if it would have been unusual for him to date teenagers at that time, Moore responded "not generally, no", and said he did not recall ever dating any girl without the permission of the mother.

In his show Tuesday, Hannity pointed to inconsistencies in Moore's account.

Hannity said on his show Thursday that viewers shouldn't rush to judgement against Moore.

Moore addressed the sex misconduct claims again on Tuesday and said he is being "harassed" by members of the media. Hannity's ultimatum came after a fifth woman accused Hannity of making advances on teenage girls while he was an attorney in his 30s. Then, when another accuser on Monday said Moore sexually assaulted her in a auto when she was 16, Moore denied knowing her. "With the allegations against Judge Moore, none of us know the truth of what happened 38 years ago".