ULA Delta II JPSS-1 Scrub Statement


The first ATMS was completed in 2005 and has been integrated on the NPOESS Preparatory Project (NPP) satellite, which is scheduled to launch in October.

Technical troubles scrubbed Tuesday's planned Delta II rocket launch of a new-generation of weather satellites from Vandenberg Air Force Base minutes before blastoff.

JPSS will bring the latest and best technology NOAA has ever flown in a polar orbit to capture more precise observations of our atmosphere, land and waters.

ATMS will provide critical microwave data, including atmospheric temperature and moisture profiles, to support weather forecasting for the operational JPSS system.

"Our experience in creating the ATMS engineering development unit and delivering the NPOESS Preparatory Project flight unit showed our capability to support the customer", said Steve Opel, ATMS program manager at Northrop Grumman.

The Joint Polar Satellite System-1, or JPPS-1, was designed and built by Boulder's Ball Aerospace, and once it enters polar orbit, it will be known as NOAA-20, feeding National Weather Service models for Boulder's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Please visit www.northropgrumman.com for more information.

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JPSS-1 is a $1.6 billion spacecraft that will be placed into a polar orbit 512 miles (824 kilometers) above the surface of the Earth to monitor and report a wide range of environmental information. It will be mounted atop the first stage of the rocket, seen on the left, as preparations continue for the launch of the Joint Polar Satellite System-1, or JPSS-1.

Cloud properties can be determined using simultaneous data collection and measurements from other instruments such as VIIRS to gain a better understanding of the role that clouds play in the energy cycle as well as in global climate change.

Liftoff of the United Launch Alliance booster aimed for 1:47 a.m. from Space Launch Complex-2.

Fitted with nine strap-on solid rocket boosters made by Orbital ATK and a first stage RS-27A engine and second stage AJ10-118K engine, both from Aerojet Rocketdyne, the Delta 2 rocket is poised for its 154th mission Tuesday.

"The launch of JPSS-1 continues the strong, decades-long partnership between NOAA and NASA in developing state-of-the-art Earth observation satellites", said Sandra Smalley, director of NASA's Joint Agency Satellite Division.