Hate the iPhone X's notch? There's an app for that


It won't change the way that apps function or the way that videos look on your iPhone X, but if you're desperate to see less of the notch, it's probably your best option at the moment.

"The iPhone X has a 5.8" display that stretches from edge to edge.

In case you were wondering which version of iOS will enable 7.5 watts of fast wireless charging on iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X, now you know.

It should be noted that Notch Remover simply modifies the wallpaper to adjust for the notch and make it invisible.

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Not all of them, of course, as Samsung's spoof haircut still has time to catch on, but plenty to justify the existence of two different notch-hiding apps. Thankfully, a developer called Axiem Systems has made a decision to take advantage of this hatred by releasing an app simply dubbed Notch Remover. It doesn't actually get rid of the incursion, since no one can do that.

It's somewhat surprising that Apple even approved the app. The result is a black bar up top which blends with the notch to give a smooth interruption-free appearance.

Don't mask or call special attention to key display features. The app effectively compensates for the notch by adding a solid black status bar along the top on both sides of the notch, on the Lock screen and Home screen, creating a top bezel.

If you want to download the Notch Remover App, it is available now in the App Store.