The Heartbreaking Story Of How And Why The #MeToo Campaign Actually Began


After the initial reports about Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual harassment of actresses came out, Lena Dunham wrote a piece for The New York Times about 'Harvey Weinstein and the Silence of the Men.' In the article, she called out the men in Hollywood who had helped cover up other men's inexcusable behaviour.

"And we kept on asking them to leave us alone, and they wouldn't do it, my friend Beth had to pull out a taser", Liz Schindler recalled of an incident in the French Quarter.

So much so, that #MeToo started trending worldwide in no time. "I watched her put her mask back on and go back into the world like she was all alone and I couldn't even bring myself to whisper... me too". "And there are countless others who are unsurprised at the vast number of people in their lives who share this experience".

In the past 24 hours, thousands of women have taken to Twitter and Facebook, sharing their personal stories of sexual harassment and assault under the hashtag "Me Too".

"I think the one responsibility we have as survivors - once we get to a place where we can - is to create an entry point to healing for other survivors", she said. From those anxious that the conversation could lead to witch hunts to women calling for fewer hashtags and more change, everyone seems to have joined the discussion.

She has seen some men post on Facebook that they hear what women are saying and won't tolerate sexual harassment or assault in their circle of friends.

"There are so many people that have faced this kind of harassment or abuse in their lifetime that the numbers are not really surprising to me at all, sadly", Alyssa told Variety. And in no time, her simple tweet turned into a global campaign.

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She'd like to see the offenders of sexual harassment or assault start posting "me too" as well, and then explain what happened.

"Yesterday and today, we found Facebook and Twitter full of the MeToo hashtag, which exposes the shocking number of women who have been subject to sexual harassment", began the Kolkata Police statement. While this appears, on the surface, to be a good idea, if the "me too" campaign has taught us anything, it is just how hard 40-something-year-old adults find it to discuss sexual abuse, let alone young girls.

Men also expressed their support. I hoped that someone would see what was happening to me, without me needing to say it out loud. "Victims don't come out unless they are victims". They just somehow knew that I wouldn't.

Remember how we were told when we were younger, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?" If women no longer feel that they have to be ashamed and bad conduct is not swept under the rug for fear of repercussions, would more voices be heard? She explained to The Media Line that the male-dominated culture in the Middle East has fostered tolerance towards sexual abuse while placing the blame on females.

Parents need to understand that just because their daughter tells them about her first crush or her first kiss, it doesn't mean she will tell them about her first experience of being groped or pinned up against a wall against her will.

The agency has seen a pretty positive outcome from people who have been more motivated to release comments.