Oculus Rift VR Headset Price Drops To $399 Permanently


The new standalone device has a self-contained PC so it won't require a beefy desktop or expensive smartphone to tether. Facebook also trimmed the price of its high-end Oculus Rift headset and controllers by $100, to $399. Oculus Go will launch in early 2018.

As for hardware specs, the details are now a little sparse, but it uses improved lenses.

It comes with a high-resolution fast-switch LCD screen and next-generation lens technology that could have input from Cork's own InfiniLED which was acquired by Oculus a year ago to boost VR screen technology.

Oculus also announced an Oculus for Business bundle yesterday, which will include a Rift headset, Touch controllers, three sensors and three face sponges, as well as dedicated customer support and special extended licenses and warranties to set up the headset.

Google Glass and its augmented reality focus may have been a complete flop outside of the enterprise, but vendors all over the world are looking at virtual reality applications as the future.

This much was confirmed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a keynote address at the company's fourth Oculus Connect virtual reality developer conference in San Jose, California today.

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Then theres a new VR headset – the Oculus Go – and finally, an update on the Santa Cruz prototype.

Dash is built in React VR-our go-to framework for UI-so in the future we'll explore how developers can plug in to add more features and functionality.

Meant to appeal to the likes of Walmart and Deloitte, Oculus For Business is a bundle not too dissimilar from the Business Edition of the HTC Vive. Oculus was acquired by Facebook in early 2014.With an aim to control your VR with your looks Oculus invested in The Eye Tribe. He said that this will be the first time anyone has ever shown a complete experience of both a standalone headset and fully tracked controllers. Meanwhile, Pixar's first VR experience, Coco, is coming to Gear VR and Rift November 15.

Dash rolls up all of Rift's existing menus and UI into a central hub that's instantly accessible from anywhere in VR-all built natively for Touch.

Users will now be able to create art (or what Facebook refers to as Quillustrations) in their virtual space with Quill, a VR painting tool that was used to create the VR film "Dear Angelica". The main advantage with a standalone VR headset is its cost. Games themselves are also likely to enjoy discounts, so check out Steam and Green Man Gaming. It will allow people to watch live concerts, sports, movie premiers, etc.