Oculus Connect: Everything we learned from the big Facebook VR show


You can read the announcement below via Twitter: "The easiest way to experience VR is here with Oculus Go, an all-new standalone headset available early 2018".

Over the summer, Oculus dropped the price of the Oculus Rift and Touch controllers to a much more reasonable price of $399 before bumping it back to $499.

The Oculus Go headset separates itself from solutions like the Samsung Gear VR in that it doesn't require a phone to work. This makes the device more of a Gear VR alternative than anything. That device will ship to developers next year, but does not yet have a commercial release date.

Oculus Go comes with a mini controller that can be used to play games, experience 360-degree video and content, and VR social apps.

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Unfortunately, nothing has been revealed at this point regarding the processing power of the Oculus Go and we will need to wait to see what it's capable of. In spite of lacking in the most premium of features this is a unit which is created to offer a full VR experience with Oculus confirming the Oculus Go is made using breathable fabrics, and features adjustable straps, along with the company's "best lenses yet, " as well as access to some more advanced aspects - like integrated spatial audio. But sales of its Oculus headsets have been slower than many expected. This price cut is now in immediate effect.

The Go isn't meant to replace the Rift, but sit alongside it in a family of VR headsets. Couches, works of art, you name it, you can decorate your virtual domicile with it.

We're looking forward to seeing your mobile applications on Oculus Go! The beta starts this December and will be free to access for everyone with a Rift. Oh, and you'll be able to visit your friends' apartments too.