Foldable iPhone in the works


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Apple is investigating reports of its new iPhone bursting open, days after the flagship device went on sale. It claims that Apple has teamed up with LG Display to develop a foldable iPhone.

Claims in the Korean technology media claim Apple has tasked LG with creating a bending and foldable screen for a future iPhone. That, and the fact that Apple probably won't want to launch one until the tech has been perfected.

Samsung has been dabbling in foldable displays for years, and it'll be exciting to finally see the culmination of those experiments.

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The report further noted that "Apple usually starts a new phone project a year before launch, sharing key features, including the panel, with suppliers".

Another firm, LG Innotek, is working on a rigid but flexible printed circuit board for the gadget. With the Galaxy creator reportedly getting closer to releasing the first-ever foldable phone, Apple has already begun making moves to manufacture its own version of the bendable smartphone - with the help of another competitor, LG.

It's investing in LG to do chiefly two things: increase and expedite OLED display production and diminish Samsung's monopoly in the business. The reason being that Samsung supplies a number of iPhone's components - particularly its curved OLED display. The same can be said for Samsung's own foldable phone as well.

The U.S. survey found that 21% of total respondents and 29% of iPhone owners plan to buy an Apple Watch in the next year. An alleged partnership with LG is noteworthy given that Samsung is now the world's premier OLED maker. However, the report adds that foldable display panel production for iPhones may start by early 2019. In July, it was said that Apple is ready to infuse LG with $2.6 billion for a new OLED plant.