Demi Lovato Explores Her Struggles in 'Simply Complicated' Documentary Trailer


The story which is told by Demi, focuses on how she suffered with her mental and physical health in her early teens and how people around her found her hard to work with. Of course, Lovato fans know the general story: She was using frequently, and things hit a fever pitch when she punched a backup dancer.

Lovato's new documentary, Simply Complicated, premieres October 17 on YouTube. While she's been tied to her BFF (and maybe something more) Nick Jonas in recent years, it's important to remember that Lovato and the middle Jonas dated very briefly back in 2010.

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Demi starred in Camp Rock and the sequel Camp Rock 2 alongside Joe in 2008 and remembers falling for the ex Jonas Brother moments before her cue to walk into shot.

Lovato's new LP Tell Me You Love Me released late last month. "Demi was on a road to, like, suicide". "I turn around, and Demi had punched her backup dancer in the face", a friend of Lovato's says. The documentary which premieres exclusively on the platform on October 17, 2017 will focus on Demi's rise to fame and sharp fall when she because addicted to drugs and alcohol in 2012. The singer even admits it's hard to talk about these events on camera. "I'm on a journey to discover a life with no demons", she says in the trailer.