Apple CEO Says No AR Glasses Soon


"I don't think there is any sector or industry that will be untouched by AR", he said. "We want to be best" Speaking in an interview with Vogue, Cook said this remains unrealistic and would require compromises Apple's not willing to make. Their field of view and the quality of their displays, he said, aren't there yet. Effectively an expanded form of Google Glass, creating a device would require condensing AR headset tech into a module capable of fitting inside glasses. Much of Cook's interview focused on the prospects of augmented reality and Apple's justification for making it a focus in both iOS and the iPhone 8. Cook paid a surprise visit to Eldim, a Normandy-based firm that develops optical technology, used in the facial recognition system inside new top-of-the-line iPhone X smartphones due out next month. It allows users to overlay Burberry-inspired digital illustrations by the artist Danny Sangra onto their camera view, which they can then share with their friends on social media. Even as many developers are creating AR apps for ARKit on iPhones or for Google's ARCore platform, others are focused on platforms like Microsoft's Hololens and Windows Mixed Reality platform, which have some capabilities the iPhones don't.

There are quite a few ARKit supporting apps on the App Store.

Tim Cook suggests that the technology would transform everything ranging from shopping to fashion runways.

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It will also take some time before we'll be able to scan and identify other women's coats on our phones. While stating AR "absolutely will" be a part of future shopping, he said Apple isn't actively pursuing a presence in the retail space.

He also talked about the AR glasses, which the company has been reportedly working on. Back in 2016 we had heard of Apple hiring people to work on its secret VR project and later in 2017 there were rumours of Apple having partnered with Carl Zeiss to make AR smart glasses. But the bloggers will have to wait a little longer.

Whether Apple's products really are "the best" is debatable, but it does kind of fall in line with Apple's recent activity. "Anything you would see on the market any time soon would not be something any of us would be satisfied with", Cook explained.