Microsoft integrates Cortana into your Skype chats


Microsoft has announced new tech that is available in your chat window that leverages the Cortana intelligent digital assistant.

AI assistants have become a large part of the smartphone and PC experience over the last couple of years, and the ever increasing competition in this space has led to a lot of improvements across ... It's not clear why it took Microsoft so long to integrate Cortana into Skype although the Snapchat-like redesign from a few months back may have delayed things a bit. Mercifully, that was not the case, but we've still seen big companies push ahead with chat integrations of their own smart assistants.

One of the things that a Cortana integration can do is to make smart and useful suggestions based on what you're talking about, whether it's where to get dinner or what movie to watch the next day. For example, if your Skype friend asks if you are going to the movies tomorrow, Cortana will pop up some suggested answers to that question, such as "Yes", "No" or something else. Or if you're arranging to go for a meal, Cortana will suggest nearby restaurants.

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Explaining the integration, Microsoft said, "In addition to being your "behind-the-scenes" assistant, Cortana is also a contact in Skype".

Cortana in Skype is gradually rolling out starting today for both iOS and Android users and is now only available in the US. Cortana is also available as a contact on your Skype app so you can actually chat with it to ask for the weather, get directions to where you're going, check your flight status, recommend the best restaurants, etc.