Kerala is safe for all; don't fall for false propaganda: DGP


The DGP said such false campaigns are carried out through social media to malign the good reputation of Kerala.

"Miscreants spreading rumours among migrant workers in Kerala to cause discord is highly condemnable", Vijayan tweeted, adding that "Govt. assures that there is no cause of worry". Seeing messages in WhatsApp and Facebook groups, families are putting pressure on the workers to return at the earliest.

The video clip, which was being circulated for the last two days, purportedly showed a man from West Bengal, who was employed in a hotel, being beaten to death by the hotel owner. We have complained to the police in this regard, " he said. The pictures including mob lynching in North India were used to spread fear among other states labours.

In a series of tweets and in a FB post, the CM condemned the attempts "by vested interests to tarnish the image of Kerala by spreading unrest in the peaceful atmosphere of the state".

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Loknath Behera on Tuesday took the unusual step of directly addressing migrant workers in Kerala.

Panic-stricken migrant labourers are reportedly fleeing the state en masse in the wake of Hindi voice clips - accompanied by gory visuals of incidents of violence from other states - being circulated widely on social media, including WhatsApp, falsely claiming that widespread violent attacks were on against migrant workers in the state.

Summary: The government, he said, viewed the safety and security of migrant workers as its responsibility.

Another hotel owner said that numerous migrant workers were returning to their home states on account of Diwali. Housing schemeHe also announced that moves were on to expedite the Apna Ghar housing scheme for migrant workers announced in the Budget.