Is Shilpa Shinde the most insensitive contestant?


What came as a surprise on Day 9 was the intense, heated arguement between Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan- yes, you read that right. Meanwhile, Shilpa keeps on instigating Vikas by broaching the topic of casting couch couple of times.

Then, the task starts and team Arshi and team Shilpa start building their respective walls while the opponent try their best to break the wall of their rivals. He warns him of repeating the behaviour as Vikas apologies. While the queen alleges that she is a "dasi" and will have to perform what's told. Over the years, the only thing constant in the Bigg Boss house is the changing dynamics of human emotions and interpersonal relationships. This certainly infuriated Sapna but then she does it since Hiten Tejwani, who is the king in the task, convinced her to do it as a part of the task.

While Shilpa and Arshi continue to deepen their friendship, there is one more friendship which is growing close with every passing day. Hina thought Vikas was a bisexual, whereas Vikas keeps his point that he never said so and how can someone comment about his sexuality in open, without any proof.

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It is Hiten's responsibility to find out who the good queen is and if he is able to answer correctly, he and the good queen shall be contendors for captaincy. He also blamed himself because he had forced Vikas to participate in the show and it is certainly not going well for Vikas in the house. Sapna, who is already annoyed with Arshi, swore that she will make sure that she ruins Arshi and Shilpa's happiness if one of them becomes the captain of the house. Shilpa decides to push Vikas' limit and tries to provoke him but leaves later on. After a while, Bigg Boss announces that the task is over for the day. "To give leg massages to others is it a task?" argues Sapna Chaudhary with the King and queen. She is disappointed in Hiten that he is making her do something so demeaning. Puneesh even kisses her hand multiple times. The other contestants stop asking her to not get physical. Hiten explains to her that he was just trying to prove that they respect him and not because he wanted to make her happy.

After the announcement, Sapna storms out to give Arshi an earful.

# Hiten calms down Sapna Choudhary after the task. At night, Sapna tells Hiten that no matter whom he chooses, she will make their lives awful. Post that, Arshi was expressing her excitement and her new-found power as she went about ordering people as a part of the task.