Halloween Warning: Head Lice May Be Waiting In Store Costumes


Halloween is three weeks away and if you're not careful, your kids might get something more than a treat, something spookier, that you didn't ask for.

"Some of the Halloween costumes are going to have more wear, but we make sure nothing has any bugs on it". But think about how many people tried them on before you? Sexton added that the risk of infestation can last for up to seven days after coming into contact with someone or something carrying lice.

If you want to avoid this whole scene, Sexton recommends sealing any wigs or masks in a plastic bag for 48 hours, thus suffocating any potential lice, or throwing them in a dryer on high for 45 minutes. It's really not a health hazard.

If you're anxious, doctors recommend putting a wig in a sealed plastic bag for 48 hours before wearing it and put dryer-friendly items in the dryer for 45 minutes on high. And it's not really spreading disease.

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Medical officials are sounding the alarm that head lice may become a disgusting nuisance for many children and adults who are trying on Halloween costumes.

Cherie Sexton, a nurse practitioner in Oregon, Ohio, says trying on Halloween costumes is a real bugaboo.

If you or your child does end up with lice, immediately get a treatment kit from the drug store or go to your doctor.