Bloated iPhone 8 Batteries Reported in China


The phones are just bursting open due to the swelling of the battery underneath the screen. It generally affects older batteries that are reaching the end of their lifespan, but while it's rare, it's not completely uncommon for it to affect new batteries as well.

The incident comes as Apple investigates similar cases reported in Taiwan and Japan of batteries in its latest iPhone 8 Plus becoming bloated, causing the device's casing to open.

In case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, several units of the phone caught fire after their batteries exploded while charging, and sometimes when the phone dropped on the floor. We will keep an eye for more updates on this development and update you with the new information.

Apple has issued a statement and said: "We are aware and looking into it".

Faulty smartphones batteries receive a ton of attention these days due to Samsung Galaxy Note7 recall previous year. There were no signs of a fire or an explosion. In one case, a Jeep was totaled after a charging Note 7 combusted and set the auto on fire. But while we've seen a few swollen batteries already, he says, it doesn't mean the problem will necessarily elevate into a Note 7-style crisis with phones starting to produce smoke.

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However the Cupertino-based firm may have a bigger problem on its hands if further reports begin to emerge. In the most common instance, the "negative electrode windings" were bent within the batter assembly, causing internal short circuits. Reports surfaced earlier in the week about a possible battery problem.

Apple's shares have slid since the launch of the iPhone 8, which has been met with lukewarm reviews.

Apple has taken the bursted iPhones 8 in for study.

The impact on you at home: Hopefully there won't be one. Even iPhone 7 had such battery swelling issues and there are numerous cases on the internet regarding the same. If anything, reports like these highlight the need for a better battery solution that doesn't rely on chemical-filled cells in our pockets.

Jaffe suspects Apple's executives are "in crisis mode" over the potential damage that battery issues could lead to.