Pumpkin spice air freshener prompts HAZMAT response at Baltimore high school


Earlier Thursday afternoon, students and teachers on the third floor of Cristo Rey Jesuit High School started smelling something odd according to the Baltimore Sun.

Classes at the high school resumed on Friday, and a school statement noted that a counsellor would be available to talk to students about the incident. It was getting stronger.

After further investigation, it was determined the odor was caused by a pumpkin spice plug-in air freshener. According to the Sun, the fire department was called, and after arriving, the fire department requested a hazmat team.

Still, the chief said, it's always better to be safe.

Two students and three adults were taken to the hospital for ailing stomachs, Clark said.

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"It was an odor that they surely weren't utilized to", said Bill Heiser, the school's leader, who was off-grounds at the time.

"It was a smell that [students and staff] certainly weren't used to". We don't know that that's the cause. Five were eventually taken to nearby hospitals, "as a precautionary measure".

Principal Heiser said there was ultimately no danger, but that it was still the right call the evacuate the building. Every one of them were negative, as indicated by Baltimore fire representative Roman Clark.

The school posted a statement on its website saying that the building was safe and classes would resume on October 6, the day after the evacuation.