UK Prime Minister Might Be Softening Her Brexit Stance


The offer she outlined involved Britain still paying its net contributions - roughly £20 billion - for a transition period of "around" two years under which it enjoyed broadly the same terms of access to the single market while a fully-fledged member of the bloc.

As a member of the EU, Britain must meet the rules and regulations of the bloc to have full access to the single market and frictionless trade. She said the United Kingdom did not "pretend that you can have all the benefits of membership of the single market without its obligations".

Tense discussions have taken place over crucial issues such as the amount Britain must pay to settle its financial commitments to the bloc and the status of European Union citizens in Britain, among others.

A figure was not given, but this was taken as a clear hint that the Government would be willing to pay up to €20bn into the EU's budget during this period.

May also called for a new security treaty between Britain and the European Union, saying close cooperation is key to fighting crime, as well as tackling security and military threats.

May further said that she wanted British courts to "take into account" European Court of Justice decisions when ruling on the rights of EU citizens living in Britain.

But it is on the rather abstract question of what the European Union calls "the integrity of the single market" that her proposals were so ill-conceived as to appear created to sabotage, rather than advance the negotiations.

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On question, May said that "implementation period" of two years is not equivalent to postpone Brexit until 2021.

The british opinion as a whole is no more so sure of his choice, according to a survey published this Friday: 52% of respondents were in favour of the retention in the EU.

Michel Barnier, the EU's chief Brexit negotiator, noted the "constructive spirit" of Mrs.

May's allies in Brussels talked up the significance of a speech she chose to deliver in Florence to drive home a message of future cooperation with Britain's European neighbours. We didn't vote to waste years of our lives.

Corbyn said this may have been a result of negotiations with her own divided party rather than discussions with the EU.

"Our task is to find a new framework that allows for a close economic partnership but holds those rights and obligations in a new and different balance", she said. "But the view from Brussels is that May is demanding the best of both worlds".

Secondly, the EU27 wanted clarity on the UK's plans for a transition period out of the bloc, and some indication of what workable form Britain would like the future relationship to take that does not look like a bid to keep the rights of European Union and single market membership while shedding the obligations.