Theresa May and Justin Trudeau show united front over Bombardier fears


Canada is considering the purchase of Boeing's Super Hornet fighter jets "as a significant new procurement" for its military among other options to replace its ageing fleet of CF-18 Hornets, Trudeau added.

Bombardier says Boeing exited the roughly 100-seat market when it stopped producing 717s a decade ago.

One of the issues the two leaders are expected to discuss is a trade dispute by USA aerospace company Boeing against Montreal-based Bombardier.

But instead of addressing the government, Trudeau said Tuesday, those companies should be directing any concerns they have about the trade battle - and its potential impacts on their business - at the source of the problem.

He adds he'll keep focusing on the best ways to protect Canadians but at this point, the government still will not join the United States ballistic missile program.

It accused its rival Bombardier of selling its CSeries passenger jets to a USA airline at an unfairly low price with help from government subsidies, and said the case affected its long-term economic health.

The U.S. International Trade Commission will release the preliminary results of its investigation next week, and a finding against Bombardier could result in fines or tariffs.

She said: "This Government is driven from the front and we are all going to the same destination, because we are all agreed on the basis of the Lancaster House speech". Canada struck another "clean energy" initiative with the USA under former president Barack Obama in 2009.

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"The UK is the largest partner Canada has".

The prime minister continues to talk tough as he attempts to leverage an increasingly bitter trade dispute between Boeing and the Montreal-based Bombardier aerospace, a company that successive Canadian federal governments have sunk billions of dollars into.

Last year, Bombardier sold 75 109-seat CS100 planes to Delta Air Lines at a cut-rate cost, which led to Boeing's accusation of predatory pricing.

"We will never let the industry go away", Couillard said in an interview at Bloomberg headquarters in NY. "To my knowledge, the US has been actively supporting its aerospace industry". Last fall, he promised to buy 18 new Super Hornets as an "interim" measure so that Canada could maintain its North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and NORAD commitments.

Last weekend, an official from the European Union said that a USA representative suggested at a Montreal conference that Trump's administration was no longer planning to pull out of the treaty.

Bombardier estimates about half of the value of the C Series program comes from US companies.

Like May, Trudeau has raised the issue with Trump.

"I am very happy to be working with Prime Minister May to explain to the American administration how Boeing's actions are harmful to workers here in Canada", Trudeau told reporters.