Russell Westbrook Signs Biggest Deal in Jordan History


Prior to this agreement, Westbrook's signature shoes of been off-court models but, as DePaula writes, the new contract sets up his first on-court signature with the brand to accompany his transition to a bigger spotlight.

ESPN's Nick DePaula reports that Westbrook signed a ten-year contract extension with Nike's Jordan Brand, and that the deal will make him the highest-paid endorser in the brand's history.

With the extension, Westbrook will remain with Jordan through the 2025-26 National Basketball Association season. It stands to reason Westbrook becoming the new face of the Jordan Brand was inevitable. Thanks to Foucher's negotiating, the increased pay rate of his new deal retroactively applies to last season.

The 28-year-old Westbrook, though, will have a signature line of on-court shoes and off-court sneakers and clothing as part of the 10-year deal. The shoe is expected to highlight his flashy and unpredictable fashion lens, "unlike anything that Jordan Brand has done before", according to an industry source.

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Westbrook's coming off an historic season in which he averaged 31.6 points, 10.4 assists and 10.7 rebounds to lead OKC to the postseason. At the same time, he became the franchise point guard for the Thunder.

Was this a good move by Jordan Brand. Foundation, which aims to launch even more "reading rooms" and other educational and athletic initiatives for kids in Westbrook's two home bases of Oklahoma City and Southern California.

His efforts on the court have been rewarded, as the spitfire guard will reportedly sign an approximately $200 million 10-year extension with the Jordan Brand.