Nun gets stuck in to clear Hurricane Irma debris — Chainsaw MASS-acre


According to the post from the police department, Sister Margaret Ann was found clearing the trees by an off duty cop.

In less than 15 hours the images were shared nearly 9,000 times and had hundreds of people talking.

Miami-Dade police posted video on social media of Sister Margaret Ann at work in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

The road was blocked, the principal said, and she had seen a vehicle spin in the mud and nearly crash into a wall. "We teach our students: Do what you can to help other people, don't think of yourselves..."

Sister Margaret Ann's illustration resounded on the web.

One person said: 'I mean hey.gotta admit nuns [sic] are cool!'

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Sister Margaret Ann is a public servant with a heart of gold and arms of steel.

The nun said she did it out of a concern for the safety of people traveling through the area. "Sister Margaret Ann wielding that chainsaw, chopping up them tree limbs, makes us want to bow down and say 'Amen.' Look at you go, Sister".

Hurricane Irma knocked down trees, power lines and at least three cranes in South Florida, Fox News reported.

"Sister, God would not care if you put on a pare of coveralls - your habit is risky with a chain saw", said another Facebook user.

Alumni, students and parents came to help the nuns with the yard work.

The school noted on its Facebook page, "We are so blessed to have her and the Carmelite Sisters at our school".