Nintendo's arcade classics including Mario Bros & Punch Out!! coming to Switch


So far Nintendo has stated that we can expect more details of Super Mario: Odyssey ahead of its 27 October release.

At long last, Switch owners will finally be able to use their smartphones while playing games online and talking to their friends over the app.

Nintendo had previously experimented with a 2011 concept called Accomplishments, but restricted them to mini-games contained within StreetPass Mii Plaza for the Nintendo 3DS.

While I can't say that I wholly disagree with the dissenters, I have to give Nintendo props for being true to its Blue Ocean approach. Nintendo has sold 4.70 million Nintendo Switch consoles in the first three months, the video game maker revealed on July 26.

Doom and Wolfenstein 2 on the Switch are the latest Nintendo Switch ports Bethesda's releasing, alongside Skyrim. In second place comes the PS4 with 29,482 units.

Senators introduce Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson
The senators said that some states would get more money to provide health care than they get through the current system. Don't support Sanders' plan and risk alienating the party's liberal, activist voters, volunteers and contributors.

Toshiba Signs MoU To Favor Bain Consortium For Memory-chip Business Sale
According to the consortium's final proposal, Bain is to own 49.9 percent of the chips unit, while Toshiba retains 40 percent. It said "arbitration requests" are on file and continue to move forward in the ICC International Court of Arbitration.

SCOTUS Reinstates Texas Legislative Map Lower Court Found Discriminatory
The stay will remain in effect until Texas files its appeal of the lower court ruling, which the justices are likely to take up. The state has been in the midst of an extraordinary losing streak in federal courts over the way it conducts elections.

Fighting game ARMS has also done really well selling 1.18m units worldwide, with Nintendo saying the new title is "off to a good start". To save you the trouble of hunting down these channels, however, we've embedded Nintendo's Twitch stream below.

Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch headlines September's Nintendo Direct. Past September Directs also haven't seen the announcement of new games.

Kirby and Yoshi for the Nintendo Switch will all be out next year.

"Lichtspeer" was first released to the PlayStation 4, PS Vita and PC a year ago.