Minecraft for the Nintendo 3DS is available today


It looks like the Kirby game Nintendo showed off during E3 was Kirby: Star Allies. Kirby has gone on to be one of Nintendo's most popular franchises.

By far the biggest news to come out of the Direct for the game is a muscular version of King Dedede, long time Kirby series antagonist and occasional ally. Gameplay involves teaming up to mix two abilities, such as combining ESP with Stone for a Stone Drop. Copy abilities such as the Yoyo are returning.

Kirby: Star Allies releases on Nintendo Switch next year. While the game includes online multiplayer, it was also revealed that Kirby: Battle Royale will have a single player story mode and regional online battles for players to partake in. Europe will get the game on November 10, while North America will see the game January 19, 2018.

New Kirby Games Detailed in Nintendo Direct Stream

The screenshots highlight numerous game's different online multiplayer modes.

To celebrate Kirby's 25th Anniversary, Nintendo is holding a poll to crown the world's favorite copy ability.

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