Jean-Claude Juncker: Britons will 'soon regret' Brexit vote


Further, he adds it was previously unclear whether national insurance contributions made while British citizens are working overseas will continue to count towards state pension entitlement.

Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, announced this morning that the "wind is back in Europe's sails" and that the economy was "bouncing back" after a hard two years for the bloc.

In Strasbourg today, President of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker gave his State of the Union speech to the EU and he spoke on your behalf!

Mr Juncker, who began speaking at 8am this morning, set out his 12-month masterplan to steer the troubled bloc through the escalating refugee crisis and reform the eurozone.

"Europe would be easier to understand if one captain was steering the ship".

Mr Juncker also called for the roles of the president of the European Commission and the president of the European Council to be merged in future.

Such a speech would mark a follow-up to the one May gave in January in which she first unveiled her vision for the separation of the United Kingdom from the European Union, in language that was seen at the time as hard and uncompromising. Mr Junker noted the wrapping up of a trade deal with Canada during the previous year, and negotiations on deals with Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

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He argued for a European minister of economy and finance but said it should not be a new position, instead only a reinforced EU commissioner post. "More Europe in every single direction and all to be done without the consent of the people", Farage told the floor.

The government said a short delay "would give negotiators the flexibility to make progress".

With all European Union countries finally recording growth after the traumas of the eurozone debt crisis, and unemployment at pre-crisis lows, Juncker is set to turn to the question of how bloc pushes forward with what officials called the "change in the wind". It was plain for all to see that our union was not in a good state.

"The rule of law means that law and justice are upheld by an independent judiciary", Mr Juncker said.

He added: "To undermine them, or to undermine the independence of national courts, is to strip citizens of their fundamental rights. Things might change for the whole European Union and the balance in the European Union will be changed".

The outreach to Australia and New Zealand "will offer a fresh reminder of the EU's global market-opening clout, further distance Europe from US President Donald Trump's protectionist tilt and raise awkward questions for Theresa May", says Bloomberg.