This Instagram Update Proves Stories Is Taking Over


Check it out in Instagram from today.

You can share stories on Instagram directly. There'll still be a sponsored tag at the top left, but since the ad looks like any other Story, you'll probably be less likely to tap past it. It works same like you share other things with your friends. Select this and then scroll down to "allow sharing".

This is quite an interesting feature and it will work like Snapchat. If your profile is public, anyone can view or share your stories. To send a story to another Instagram user, open up the story you want to send. When the original story disappears from the app, it will no longer be available in a user's message thread either. Nothing changes for those who have a Private account as their stories will only be visible to their followers through Direct messages. Select this icon and then you should see the users you share with fairly frequently.

Instagram has released two updates to it's Stories feature overnight.

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Instagram is also adding new tools for brands, allowing them to easily upload new content to be used for Stories into the Ads Manager. This will become a huge success for both, Instagram and Facebook. Instagram's also revealed that over 50 percent of its business users regularly create Stories, even though there's previously been no direct way to monetise them. This enabled the company to for the feature. "From stories you follow on surfing to stories about your best friend's cat, now you have more ways to share the stories you love", said Instagram. The latest involves enabling users to share other people's stories through Direct messages on Instagram.

First, you have to go to the Instagram's homepage where you could see all the stories live on the homepage. Sponsored Stories are now bought like any other ad and can't be created within the app, leaving them reserved for regular professional-quality commercials.

Once you select the profile or group, you could see Send button at the bottom of the page in blue color.