The Chainsmokers Apologize For Dog-Eating Joke During Interview in China


Pall responds by saying that he tries, but she's badly behaved, otherwise he would bring her anywhere if he could.

"Disgusted at the fact that the chainsmokers really had the nerve to make a racist "asians eat dogs" joke in front of an asian interviewer", one angry person tweeted.

A spokesperson for the band has since responded to the controversy, and apologised for any offence.

"Well I don't know if I'd bring her to China".

The video has since been deleted from their Twitter, but not before it had a huge impact online, with followers divided down the middle on how to take the comment.

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While EDM duo the Chainsmokers have become the butt of more than a few jokes online, there's nothing amusing about recent comments the group's Alex Pall made about Asians. "We originally posted a video to share how much we love China and our fans there". He says the group would "never intentionally do anything to upset our fans and we apologize if we offended anyone".

He ended the statement with, "Anyone who wants to help prevent the slaughter of dogs please visit".

Perhaps the worst part of the "joke" was that it happened during a conversation with an Asian interviewer at the Ultra China electronic festival, not to mention that the video was initially posted on the same day it was announced the duo collaborated with K-Pop group BTS. Sounds like an apology to me'.

He then posted a link to the website of a charity which works to end the practice of slaughtering and eating dogs in China, in particular at the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival.