Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell unveiled


The expected range from this auto is 437 km and that's quite a breakthrough we feel in terms of technology.

The Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell combines fuel cell and battery technology with a plug-in hybrid.

It gets two electric motors which have a combined output of 268bhp/500Nm of torque and has a range of 400km. its gets the option for inductive charging and on a fast charge of 10 minutes can give you a range of 100km. In unveiling the preproduction vehicles of the Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell, Daimler is taking another important step as part of its systematic "CASE" strategy.

Unveiled at the at the Frankfurt motor show prior to a planned start to sales through commercial channels in selected markets in 2018, the GLC F-Cell is capable of delivering a claimed driving range of 272 miles on the European test cycle.

The new electric model, which is set to come under the EQ Power designation, is not only able to be run on hydrogen, but also on electricity.

The EQA hatch stands out with laser-fibre lights and a clean design purged of trendy, pointless creases and lines cluttering up seemingly every other body panel these days - when Mercedes launched the Concept A sedan earlier this year announcing the company's new "Sensual purity" styling language at the Shanghai motor show, the company did say pure forms were its future, and now with the EQA we can see the Germans meant it. It's also more efficient than inside the B-Class fuel cell - 30 percent smaller, 40 percent more powerful and makes use of 90 percent less platinum. With 4.4 kg of hydrogen on board, in two carbon-fibre tanks, the GLC F-Cell reminds us of the B-Class F-Cell vehicle.

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"This is made possible by the compact construction of our fuel-cell system". F-Cell mode uses the hydrogen supply to maintain a state of charge in the battery pack in case the driver wants to reserve the electric range for later.

While the hydrogen tanks can be refilled quickly, the batteries need 1.5 hours to recharge if completely expended, Mercedes notes. "Another genuine world first is the combination with a large additional lithium-ion battery, which can be conveniently charged using plug-in technology".

The SUV's cabin is largely untouched, though it has a step-up in the luggage area that isn't there on the internal-combustion models and the rear seat is slightly higher so it can swallow the second hydrogen tank.

The GLC F-Cell features easy-to-read gauges to check vital information about the operation of the vehicle.

Sharp-eyed Mercedes buffs may notice that regular controller wheel for the infotainment system has been replaced by a multifunction touchpad with handwriting recognition that works much like the screen of a smartphone.