Irma makes a landfall at Marco Island, Florida


One of the most powerful hurricanes ever to make USA landfall has left millions of people across Florida without power.

Midnight: The center of Hurricane Irma moved 25 miles south of Lakeland by midnight with 100 mph top winds, but it sent relentless gusts and rain for more than 400 miles from its center and refused to go quietly across South Florida including Palm Beach County.

While Hurricane Irma weakened to a tropical storm after barreling through Florida over the weekend, NASA and NOAA have been busy churning out stunning imagery of the storm.

- Strong winds and flash flooding are still a threat as Irma spins into north Florida and toward Georgia over the next 24 hours.

If you need more info, you can call Florida's Emergency line at 1-800-342-3557 or visit their site here.

Downgraded to a tropical storm early on Monday, Irma had ranked as one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes recorded.

Welcome to our ongoing live coverage of Hurricane Irma, the eye of which this morning made landfall over the Florida Keys after wreaking havoc and causing more than 20 deaths in its drive across the Caribbean. When the storm came in, we saw some storm surge in Miami.

In one of the largest USA evacuations, almost 7 million people in the Southeast were warned to seek shelter, including 6.4 million in Florida alone.

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Sea World and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay said Monday that they are assessing damage and would announce their reopening plans later. Federal funding also is available to governments and non-profit organizations for emergencies in all 67 Florida counties.

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The Washington Post reports that the storm surge also raised water levels eight feet in two hours in Naples, with a rise in coastal water levels between 10 and 15 feet possible in other areas in the state.

The whole of the southern tip of Florida has seen high winds, driving rain and storm surges.

"I didn't see the damage I thought I would see", he reported.

Images and video from southern Florida that were posted on social media on September 10, showed evidence of Irma's power - trees lashing violently back and forth in the wind, boats smashed into ruined docks, water spouts and tornados forming on the horizon, and waves of water sweeping across roads.

As for our weather in Acadiana we will continue to be blessed with bright, blue, sunny skies and fall-like temperatures in the low to mid 80s Monday and Tuesday.

CNN's Chris Cuomo and Ed Lavandera reported from Naples, where conditions quickly deteriorated as Irma got closer.

MARTIN: Can you tell us a little bit more about where Irma is believed to be heading next? When Jose first formed last week, he followed the track of Hurricane Irma.