Bella Hadid Models Red Lingerie While Eating Pizza on an NYC Sidewalk


However, little did the audience members know, the joint walk was to prevent Gigi from tripping over her uneven feet and falling flat on her face.

A lot can go wrong on the runway, but Gigi Hadid has been good at proving she's prepared for anything-missing shoes included.

How Gigi lost the rogue platform heel in question remains a mystery as the shoe featured an ankle strap, but that's besides the point.

While models spend countless hours perfecting their catwalk strut, runway mishaps are bound to happen.

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However, the 22-year-old catwalk star remained unfazed and handled it perfectly during Anna Sui's Spring 2018 show as she kept going like she still had it on, reported Ace Showbiz.

Her younger sister, Bella Hadid, stepped in to help her during the final walk of the show. "Hi Anna, it's Gigi, I just wanted to thank you so much for having me in your show".

This isn't the first time the Hadids have had their brush in with a runway incident.

While even a seasoned pro like Gigi can suffer a wardrobe malfunction, it didn't trip her up. While walking the Moschino show in Milan back in February, Hadid's dress got caught on her heel, but she was able to break free before any major stumbling took place.