Dogs may help owners sleep better


This is likely why many of pet owners opt to having their pets in the bedroom even while they sleep and perhaps why they unknowingly find comfort in having their pets in the bedroom.

Mayo sleep medicine specialist Lois Krahn said many pet owners were away from their pets for much of the day so wanted to maximise their time with them when home.

The study titled the effect of dogs on human sleep is in the home sleep environment offers this plain spoken goal states that a dog in bed or bedroom disturbs sleep.

But there's a catch - they can be in your bedroom, not on the bed.

But, there's a solution to the problem in a new study published this month, which said that having canine companions could actually improve the quality of your sleep. For this research, they had an observation on the selected healthy adults, as no one of participants was having any sleeping disorder as well as their dogs should be of more than five months of a period.

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So let them snooze at the foot of the bed or on a pillow nearby, but cuddling up under the duvet as though your cat is a soft toy won't do the same wonders for the quality of your rest.

Bottom line: Regardless of breed or size, dogs in the bedroom was fine. The study also differentiated between the dog being on the bed or just simply in the bedroom. In the United Kingdom, dogs are known as the most popular pet.

"And, now, pet owners can find comfort knowing it won't negatively impact their sleep'".

It was found out that sleeping with dogs actually helped some people to get better sleep, whether they are dozing off with a schnauzer or a Great Dane.

"My main recommendation is for people to take a look at their setup and carefully consider whether it is truly working or not", Krahn said, "and not allow loyalty to their pet to blind them to consequences that aren't desirable to their sleep". Both the human and dog participants wore accelerometers for seven nights of the study. Younger puppies have more energy and thus might be problematic if they let into the bedroom at night. The people slept with the dogs on the same are found to have a lower quality of the sleep.