Hurricane Irma: Looters caught on camera stealing during storm


A group then began looting a Footlocker in the same area.

The Fort Lauderdale police department later arrested 9 people related to the incident.

Ryan Cook and Max Saintvil were arrested on suspicion of burglary by Fort Lauderdale police.

CBS4's Hank Tester drove by Simon's Sportswear in Fort Lauderdale Friday afternoon where he actually witnessed one of several looters running out of the store through a smashed in window while holding stolen merchandise.

FPL spokesman Rob Gould says an estimated 3.4 million homes and businesses will lose power once the worst of Irma reaches the Florida mainland.

"Pray, pray for everybody in Florida", Governor Rick Scott said on Fox News Sunday as some 116,000 people statewide waited it out in shelters. The risky storm surge "will rush in and could kill you".

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There were no immediate confirmed reports of any deaths in Florida, on top of the at least 24 people killed during Irma's destructive trek across the Caribbean.

Two other cranes toppled earlier in Miami as Irma swirled up the state. City officials said it would have taken about two weeks to move the massive equipment.

A fallen palm tree is seen in a residential neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., as Hurricane Irma makes its way Sunday.

And as the storm makes its way up through Florida, tens of thousands of people have been displaced from their homes, with the super-storm expected to cause $100 billion of damage, according to the founder and president of AccuWeather Dr. Joel Myers.

Almost 7 million people in the Southeast were warned to evacuate, including 6.4 million in Florida alone.